Rome Buzz – Buzz the Coatto

What is a coatto romano? When in Rome I asked several people and heard only laughter. Searching for a translation online I found only that the literal meaning of coatto was ‘forced’. “Is it the same as a chav?” I asked politely. It seems that there’s a sector of Roman society who walk with a cigarette hanging off their lip, swagger when they walk and who you can hear approaching from several blocks away because of the volume of their car stereo. A defining factor is if they have to have subtitles in Italian when they appear on Italian TV.

Here’s Buzz in the backstreets of Rome perfecting his best coatto walk; the swagger. Coatto; it’s an attitude and a way of being.

Rome Buzz - the coatto - photograph copyright David Bailey (not the)

From the forthcoming photobook: Rome Buzz.

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